Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency makes decisions about placing specific children in an adoptive home based on both birth parent and adoptive couple preferences which address areas including but not limited to race, level of openness, and health factors. Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency selects homes who appear to be able to care for the children who may become available.

  1. The adoptive couple must be a legally married husband and wife who have a stable marriage.  The adoptive couple must be married for a minimum of three years.  This requirement WILL NOT be waived.

  2. The adoptive couple needs to be professing Christians and members of the same church affiliation within the limits of traditional Christianity.  Special Delivery is a Christian agency and our main criterion is to place children into Christian families.  This requirement WILL NOT be waived.

  3. The adoptive couple must be US Citizens. This requirement WILL NOT be waived. 

  4. Couples must have one partner between the age of 25 and 45 years of age.   Adoptive parents must be of an age and health that they are reasonably expected to raise a child to maturity.  This requirement WILL NOT be waived.

  5. The adoptive couple must commit to and acknowledge the importance of one partner being a ‘stay at home’ parent to the extent reasonably possible, particularly during the initial months until finalization of the adoption. This ‘stay at home’ parent may work up to 20 hours per week outside the home.  Waivers will be considered. Please contact our office.

  6. The adoptive couple must submit proof of employment and have a stable employment record. 

  7. The adoptive couple must be in good physical, mental, and emotional health.  If health problems exist, they must be under control, evidenced by a Doctor’s note.  Because of the health risks of second hand smoke, Special Delivery does not consider placing a baby into the home of a smoker to be in the best interest of the child.

  8. The adoptive couple must be committed to affirming and acknowledging the brave decisions that the birthmothers have made who choose adoption over abortion.  Prospective adoptive parents must understand and realize that birthmothers who consider adoption as the best loving decision for their child are worthy of honor and respect.

  9. The adoptive couple needs to be financially secure.  How much money a couple earns is not nearly as important as how well they manage what they have. 

  10. The adoptive couple must complete the “Adoptive Family Questionnaire” and the “Formal Adoption Application.”  These are used as screening tools along with the home study and submitted documentation to ensure that the couple meets our criteria.  The Admissions Committee makes the final decision on whether or not a couple is a “good fit” for our agency.

  11. The adoptive couple must attend a 2 hour adoptive couple orientation and adoption education classes.

  12. The adoptive couple must successfully complete an adoptive home study in accordance with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) standards.

  13. Each couple must consent to a search and for the agency to review the results of a Criminal History, Central Registry, and FBI Background Check.

  14. The adoptive couple must be able to allow the child to receive generally accepted medical care and treatment (including life-saving and invasive procedures) as recommended by competent licensed medical care providers.

  15. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant based upon what the Board determines is in the best interest of the mission of this agency.