Open Letter to the woman in an unplanned pregnancy.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

I see you. I understand you. You are not alone.

To the woman who has found herself in the midst of an unplanned or even unwanted pregnancy, I see you. I understand you.

"How could I allow this to happen?"

"Is my family going to be happy or disappointed?"

"Should I even tell the father?"

"What if he wants an abortion?"

"Do I want an abortion?"

Questions, all the questions are running through your head. You are overwhelmed and scared, but hear me say you are not alone!

Many women have walked this path before and no matter how you chose to handle this you will not be alone.

You have the choice to abort, parent or place your child for adoption.

Abortion seems like the easy answer. I know it does, but nothing is easy about this situation. Sure it will take care of the "issue" at hand, but it will not ease the pain. You will not just move on with your life. You will not forget this moment. From this moment on you are a mother and nothing can change that.

Parenting seems like the logical option. My mistake, my responsibility. Parenting isn't easy, but it is doable right? It is doable, but you will have to make sacrifices. The hardest part of being a parent is actually making the sacrifices. Giving up time with friends, date nights, school, work (But not too much work, because you need the money.)

Adoption is probably the hardest option, but could be the most rewarding. Adoption allows you to chose life for your child, but also pass the parenting responsibility on to someone who is prepared for a baby. Choosing adoption doesn't take away from you being a parent, it is just a different parenting option. You can still watch your child grow, you can still be part of their life, you can celebrate their life.

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