Birth Mother Support Groups

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Once a quarter we host birth mother support groups. What are birth mother support groups?

Birth mother support groups are a gathering of women of all ages who have placed a child(ren) for adoption. These groups allow women to relate to each other and talk about the feelings they don't normally talk about.

There is no concrete timeline for healing. No adoption is the same and no woman should be expected to process her emotions the same. Each woman has a different reason for placing her child for adoption, processes her emotions differently and has different relationship with her child. However, when we speak about our own experiences and listen to others their experiences, we are able relate and hopefully learn new ways to heal.

"The pain doesn't stop because we are more educated, but the healing can be more effective." -Lifetime Healing, LLC

At Special Delivery Adoptions, we use the Lifetime Healing curriculum for our birth mothers.

This curriculum was created by a birth mother for birth mothers.

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