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We are thrilled you are considering growing your family through adoption.

Below you will find general information about adopting through Special Delivery.

Why adopt through Special Delivery?


We have been helping build families through adoption since 2006. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the adoption process. No adoption journey looks the same and it is important to have adoption professionals who can walk alongside you. We are here to help equip you for the journey ahead and give you an adoption an experience unlike any other.

Our team has a heart and passion for adoption. We want the absolute best for our children, our expectant mothers, our birth parents and our adoptive families. We will do everything we can to make sure everyone's adoption experience is a good one. 


Any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is our first priority. 50 percent of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned and we never want anyone to walk this journey alone. It is difficult to even consider placing a child for adoption and we promise to always respect and honor a woman's choice whether she chooses to parent or place for adoption. 

When making the choice to work with Special Delivery, you are also agreeing that you will honor and respect your child's birth parents. A mother's love is so great and she is placing her child's needs above her own when she places for adoption. 

We assist expectant mothers and birth mothers with things such as housing, groceries, medicaid guidance, legal assistance and counseling. Our staff is experienced and equipped to handle all adoption situations with professionalism and Christ-like attitudes. 


Our faith is the foundation of this company and we believe every family is uniquely designed by God. At Special Delivery we believe that a successful placement occurs when each member of the adoption triad is represented with: An atmosphere that provides Godly counsel and compassion.  Proper legal and ethical representation. Post placement counseling and after care


“When we finally let God lead us, He led us to Special Delivery.  What a blessing!” -The L Family

We can’t begin to put into words the gratitude we have for the people who work at Special Delivery.  They each possess unique qualities and talents that together make them the best, most qualified and sincere adoption agency in Texas and New Mexico." -The C Family